15 Of the Best Men's Fashion Blogs Online

The fashion landscape for men has evolved over the past two decades. Seemingly overnight, fashion outlets focused on creating unique styles for men, expanding their wardrobe choices and placing men's fashion needs on par with women's.

While streetwear has been and continues to be a dominating factor in men's fashion. Other styles of fashion have developed over the past few years, that leaves the menswear market open for innovation. 

In particular, unisex clothing is becoming increasingly popular, and homages to simple living are expressed through the 'hipster' movement.

All in all, menswear is becoming increasingly chic, sexy, stylish, and above all, appealing. Looking through the following blogs, we've chosen blogs that not only show the best fashion but delves deeper behind the fashion scene.

Some of these blogs will focus on the business of fashion, while others focus on streetwear and hip-hop culture. Still, some blogs will offer tips and advice on building the perfect wardrobe. Whatever the focus, these men fashion blogs will definitely help any man aiming to change his style.

Best Blogs for Professional Attire

Professional attire is more strait-laced and formal than business-casual. It's certainly not as formal as a tuxedo but does include suits with solid-colored dress shirts, ties, and shiny shoes. The point of professional attire is to look polished, well put-together, and ready for business.

Although professional attire doesn't seem to offer much by way of variety, these blogs will help you put together the perfect professional wardrobe. Additionally, they offer tips and advice about picking the right pieces, grooming properly, and even proper etiquette.

Business of Fashion


Written by: Imran Ahmed
Launched: 2007

This blog takes a slightly different approach than all the others, in fact, this blog focuses on the business side of fashion.

Business of Fashion is a blog designed for those willing to take a peek behind the scenes and see what the fashion world is all about. Readers delight in learning about a fashion brands equity, more than its summer collection.

The Gentleman's Gazette

The Gentleman's Gazette

Written by: Sven Raphael Schneider
Launched: 2010

Obsessed with classic menswear? Then you've found the right place. The Gentleman's Gazette is a site that has offered detailed articles about menswear since 2010 and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Founder Sven Raphael Schneider has been obsessed with classic menswear since the tender age of 14. Schneider prides himself on sharing his extensive knowledge with fans through various platforms including videos, social media posts, and wonderfully written articles.

I Am Alpha M

I Am Alpha M

Written by: Aaron Marino
Launched: 2006

Arguably one of the most popular men's blogs on the internet, I Am Alpha M is the product of Aaron Marino. Since 2006, Marino has been using his expertise to school men about the basics of dressing appealingly.

Launching a men's image consultation firm, Alpha M, Marino began addressing the way men could improve their image and style. Not only does Marino offer fashion tips, but he also dedicates a portion of his site to healthy eating and exercise tips.

By sheer traffic volume, it's not hard to argue that I Am Alpha M is definitely one of the best men's fashion blogs on the internet right now.



Written by: David Fischer
Launched: 2005

Unlike what the name suggests, Highsnobiety not only focuses on the classic, professional pieces you're used to hearing about. Instead, Highsnobiety features a plethora of different styles, including current sneaker trends, latest professional attire, even the latest art pieces make the cut for this classy publication. Perhaps due to its longevity, Highsnobiety is one of the best men's fashion blogs out there, and will most likely continue to be that way.

Best Blogs for Street Wear/Casual Wear

It's tempting to use the two interchangeably, but streetwear and casual wear, while following the same principal are not the same thing. Streetwear often refers to clothing worn by young men heavily steeped in various subcultures.

For example, trendy sneakers, hoodies, and stylish jeans may represent hip-hop fashion. On the other hand, skater shoes ripped jeans, and polo shirts might represent a California surfer or skater.

Streetwear may represent the subculture, but casual wear represents comfortability. Both styles emphasize personal style and individuality, but while streetwear is more trendy, casual wear expresses comfort and functionality.

The following men's fashion blogs show the bridge between both concepts while providing style tips and advice for any man looking to balance the two.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Written by: Scott Schuman

Representing global street style, The Sartorialist is one of the leader's in the men's fashion industry. In fact, The Sartorialist is actually the predecessor for men's blogs in general. Scott Schuman wanted to show people the connection between "high" fashion and everyday fashion.

But Schuman didn't stop at one country, or even one continent, Schuman uses his platform to show the intersection of the two forms of fashion the world over.

Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette

Written by: Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs
Launched: 2008

For the past eight years, Joshua Kiss and Travis Gumbs have been showcasing the best of street style coupled with beautiful photography and design. Although UK-based, the site delves into the constant change of street style and its cultural implications.

Partnering with athletic wear giant Addidas three years ago, Street Etiquette has emphasized the personal style of athletes, while maintaining the functionality of athletic wear. The combination of both styles couples with the duo's amazing photography makes Street Etiquette hands down, one of the best men's fashion blogs.

Upscale Hype

Upscale Hype

Written by: Allen Onyia, Kyle Onyia
Launched: 2008

Standing where all other competition has failed, Upscale Hype is one of the leading menswear blogs dedicated to hip-hop culture and fashion. In fact, the Onyia brothers have capitalized on people's obsessions with celebrity culture, amassing a fortune with their fashion site in a short amount of time.

The site is constantly developing content to keep its audience engaged, and informed with the latest hip-hop news. A popular "Ask Allen," segment is sure to answer any questions regarding celebrity style.



Written by: Gary Warnett
Launched: 2009

An expert on all things 'street,' Gary Warnett is a self-proclaimed aficionado of sneaker and streetwear culture. Using old magazine clippings and scans, Warnett looks to school his audience on all things hip-hop, especially by focusing on the intersection between fashion and music.

Whiskey Grade

Whiskey Grade

Written by: Whiskey Grade Staff

Priding themselves on providing stylish yet functional clothing for men, and a little for the ladies, Whiskey Grade is a leader in making everyday wear for the modern man. Pieces are inspired by men who is both a 'man of the woods,' and a man of the 'urban jungle.'

Apparel pieces are inspired by a number of looks for the man straddling the bridge between wild nature and structured business. Their line of motorcycle helmets adds to their appeal as a company dedicated to every facet of what men need from their clothing line.

Well Spent

Well Spent

Written by: Brad Bennett
Launched: 2011

Down-to-earth, functional menswear is the name of the game with this blog piece. Here you won't find any crazy high-fashion pieces, instead, you'll find a lovely mixture of comfortable, functional, well-made staples to fit any wardrobe.

Bennet focuses more on the quality made clothing, made in America, than showy runway pieces. He highlights how everyday wear can be both understated, yet stylish.

Best Blogs for Business-Casual Style

This style of fashion is often confusing, for men and women alike. In fact, the term business-casual is so ambiguous that many people find themselves pulling their hair out in frustration trying to get it right. It doesn't help when you throw terms like 'smart-casual' into the mix, then chaos erupts.

It is generally agreed upon that business-casual refers to clothing that is not as formal as professional attire. Instead of suits, shirts, and ties, business casual involves items like slacks, polo shirts, and khaki pants.

Business casual, however, does not encompass jeans, sneakers, or sweatshirts. These blogs focus on business-casual looks that won't break the bank. (Note: smart casual is a mixture between business casual and traditional professional attire. Think men wearing jeans paired with a blazer.)

Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans

Written By: Ben Herbert
Launched 2007

Considered an industry leader for nearly every style of men's clothing, Fashion Beans covers an enormous amount of stylish trends for various occasions. The site itself contains a huge amount of content worth pouring over for any man seeking to find his personal style.

Although they cover a wide variety of clothing styles and genres, the focus is on educating men about what clothes look good, and which don't.

The Compass

The Compass

Written By: Black Lapel
Launched: 2014

Offering some of the best style advice for men, The Compass is the go-to blog for learning about menswear. The Black Lapel staff have gone above and beyond to deliver the best advice, tutorials, and basic learning tips to its readers. In fact, their helpful advice can translate to most men, not just those who shop at Black Lapel.



Written by: Dappered Staff

While much of menswear is devoted to the expensive ties and blazers, other outlets are taking a moderated approach. Dappered is a site catering to affordable menswear. Men can look stylish and put-together without having to break the bank to get there.

Dappered doesn's focus on professional attire, the site discusses everything from denim to shorts, to cookware? Dappered dispenses helpful tips and advice to make you the perfect man you've always thought you could be.

Blogs for Fun Fashion and Stylish Trends

Men are every bit as interested in "fast" fashion as women. These fashion trends are exactly that, trends. Many of them won't be around beyond the end of the year, yet they're still fun to partake in.

If you're feeling funky, or want to change up your style temporarily, or just plain want to have fun, these are the blogs that will inspire you. Get advice from a pioneer in men's "high" fashion, or gain an outsider's perspective about what looks good on you, either way, you'll enjoy all the content that these two have in store.



Written by: Bryan Yambao
Launched: 2014

Perhaps one of the pioneers of men's fashion blogs, Bryan Yambao proved to fashion leaders that it wasn't just women who could be fashion forward and look good too. In fact, Yambao proved that men love to play with their style all the time.

Through his blog, Yambao showcases a plethora of stylish and chic looks. Whether rocking a tailored suit, or a simple pair of shorts, Yambao's fashion choices are always awe-inspiring. With Yambao's quirky sense of style and unique branding of men's fashion, it's no wonder he has one of the best men's fashion blogs to hit the internet in ages.

Style Girlfriend

Style Girlfriend

Written by: Megan Collins

More than just a fashion blog, Style Girlfriend is a life-changer. While men's blogs are primarily written by men, Style Girlfriend written by Megan Collins offers the unique woman perspective of male fashion.

Even more impressive, the site not only offers tips, but they also provide personalized advice to help you make the best style decisions possible. Additionally, the site offer tips on etiquette, finding the right clothes, and developing your own personal style. For the amount of information available on this website, Style Girlfriend is definitely one of the best men's fashion blogs.

Final Thoughts

It's never too late to learn how to build a wardrobe, or adapt your style. But be sure to do your research before you go spending tons of money on clothes that do nothing for you. Why let all the ladies have the fun with fashion choices, it's time you show your flair and style, while flaunting your individuality.

As the saying goes, 'clothes don't make the man,' so why not let the real you shine through in the best threads that you can find. Spend some time with some of the best men's fashion blogs on the internet and see what stylish side of you is inspired.

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