Best Battery Powered Generators

Any excursion lover will tell you that at one point, they got out of power, or their generator failed them. 

You end up not fully enjoying the trip due to the disappointments of having your phone, laptop, camera, or other appliances off due to power drain.

But, it is not the case with the battery-powered generators. It is what the expedition enthusiasts require to have a calm 

and memorable camping experience for the power pack that satisfies all their electrical energy needs. Also, this form of generators serves your indoor activities.

You are assured of having your lights and other appliances on. You can use it in case of an emergency blackout or when far from home. These generators come in all sizes and power ratings.

Some have more power outlets than others, and the same with the charging input options. Therefore deciding on the most suitable whole battery-powered portable generator could prove a challenge for many that may attract your attention by their listed features.

Here is a list of the best generators with enough information to guarantee a perfect choice for the compact power pack you require.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: The Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station has been featured as the "Best Portable Power Station for use in the outdoors" by...
  • EASY TO CARRY: This entry-level portable power station is equipped with a 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack, weighing only at 6.6 pounds. The solid...
  • VERSATILE POWER SOURCE: 1* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A), and 1* 12V DC car port to charge your road trip...
  • GREEN POWER SUPPLY: The power station can be recharged by the Jackery SolarSaga 60 solar panel. Its built-in MPPT controller enables the solar panel...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station, 1*AC adapter, 1* car charger cable, 1* user guide.

It may be a horrible experience while you are in your camping activities and run out of power, but Jackery has got you sorted. This Explorer 240 portable power station is outstanding in many ways.

The generator comes with many ports enough to power your essential appliances and gadgets while on the camping excursion. The generator is eco-friendly with the production of clean power in the multiple outlets.

Main Features

Portability: This power station by Jackery is specially designed for outdoor activities. It is small-sized and lightweight for more comfortable transportation when going for your camping activities. However, it is powerful enough to charge your laptop, drone, mini-cooler, and other outdoor electronics. It also has a handle and a strong plastic casing.

Multiple Outputs: Explorer 240 portable battery generator features one 110V 200/400W AC outlet, two USB-A ports, and one 12V DC carport. You are assured of having enough power to sustain your adventure appliances. You can charge and power multiple devices and machines at the same time.

Eco-friendly: This Explorer 240 generator is quiet and a source of clean energy. It is fitted with a 16.8Ah, 14.4V lithium battery, meaning no gasoline or propane fuel, no clanging, and no fumes. It has a sine waver inverter for better protection of your delicate electronics. You only have to charge it in advance, or purchase its accompanying solar to recharge it while still in use.


  • Explorer 240 by Jackery runs quietly at minimal noise level of its internal fan. The portable power station uses no engine, and produces no exhaust fumes.
  • It comes with multiple power outlets to connect your different electronics, making it best for working out.
  • It is lightweight and highly portable, making it convenient for both outdoor and indoor uses, by holding its smooth handle.
  • The materials used in making this power pack guarantees longevity. Therefore, the generator offers high value for money.
  • It can easily get charged through the wall outlet at your home or buy a suitable solar panel to carry along when going for outdoor activities.


  • The battery may spoil if the power pack stays for long without getting recharged. The battery cells die, making the generator dry out very fast, for it cannot sustain enough charge.

Jackery Lithium Battery Explorer 160 Portable Powered Generator

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) Backup Power Supply with 110V/100W(Peak 150W) AC Outlet for Outdoors Camping Fishing Emergency
  • SUPER COMPACT WITH AC OUTLET: Weighing the same as a standard bag of apples, this portable power station makes the smallest while remaining the most...
  • LEADERSHIP IN THE INDUSTRY: Founded in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Our explorer series has...
  • POWER UP TO 5 DEVICES: The Explorer 160 power station features 1* AC outlet (110V 100W 150W Peak), 1*USB-C port, 2* USB-A ports and 1* standard DC 12V...
  • RECHARGEABILITY THROUGH SOLAR, AC, VEHICLES: Get fully recharged by Jackery SolarSaga 60 (sold separately) in just 4.5 hours. The wall outlet and car...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 160 Power Station, 1*AC adapter, 1* car charger cable and 1* user guide.

Jackery has remained in the frontline in the production of the most efficient portable power generators. These outdoor renewable power solutions are meant to suit the explorers. Explorer 160 is among what you need to pack while preparing for a great outdoor activity.

The generator is made of lightweight plastic casing, and has a handle for more comfortable transportation. When looking for a source of power to sustain your laptop, phone, and other gadgets while in your camping site, this generator is all you need.

Main Features

Quiet generator: Jackery Explorer 160 does not have an engine to cause loud vibrations and noise. Instead, it features a 46,400mah/3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery with different power outlets. The battery pack does not run on a fueled generator. You can comfortably use it without getting worried about creating unnecessary attention to the wild animals.

Clean Power: The battery pack is purely rechargeable, either by electricity or using a portable solar panel. The absence of an engine means that no fuel, and so there is no clanging and fumes. It is entirely made to sustain your lighting and other appliances you need in your outdoor adventure. You need to have the solar with you and recharge it during the day when the sun shines.

Power outlets: The design of this Jackery Explorer 160 is with the need to satisfy the power needs for outdoor camping lovers. It comes with a single 110V 100/150W AC outlet, one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, one 12V DC port to efficiently power every item during your outdoor adventure. These outlets can sustain your phones, laptop, tablets, lighting, and other smaller and lighter uses.


  • It is easy to use since all the power inputs, outputs, and controls are on one side of the plastic-cased power pack.
  • It is an outstanding lightweight battery-powered generator, with a soft handle for easy lifting and carrying.
  • It is a great power option for your CPAP, laptops, phone, and such small-sized electronics, with a full power capacity of up to 8 hours.
  • It is a highly convenient, versatile, high-capacity battery-powered generator built with a strong flashlight for emergency use.
  • It has multiple power output, which enables the connection of different electric power dependent devices.
  • It is highly durable.


  • Unlike other portable power stations from the same company, this generator does not come with a built-in pure sine wave inverter.
  • It quickly runs out of power, making it a little less dependable for prolonged use at home or outdoor activities.

ROUCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Power Station

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station, 280Wh CPAP Backup Battery Pack UPS Power Supply 110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, QC3.0 USB, 12V/24V DC, LED Flashlight for Camping, Home, Emergency
  • UPGRADED ROCKPALS 300-WATT PORTABLE POWER STATION: Comparing to most similar power stations, Rockpals 300W has upgraded the AC output to 300W...
  • HIGHER CAPACITY CAMPING/HOME BACKUP BATTERY: 280WH(3.7V 75Ah/12V 18.7Ah) lithium batteries and weights 7.3lb. powerful enough to charge smartphones...
  • EASILY THREE WAY RECHARGEABLE: 1. Rockpals portable power station can be recharged from the sun with any compatible 60W or 100W solar panel (SOLD...
  • PURE SINE WAVE OUTLET: Better than modified sine wave and clean power like utility supplied electricity. And it is a gas-free source of portable power...
  • WHAT YOU GET: Rockpals portable generator (280Wh Portable Generator), AC adapter, car charger cable, MC4 adapter, user guide, our worry-free 18-month...

Every adventure lover is likely to have found themselves in a fix of lack of enough power to sustain their gadgets and applications. During such times, a portable power station becomes an essential commodity to pack and carry along.

This Rockpals 300W mobile power station is a green energy power back up that you can always depend on for use while indoors and outdoors.

Main Features

High power output: Comparing the portable power generator to most relative power stations of its kind, Rockpals 300W has a high power AC output 300/600W. This power delivery is through different ports found on one side of the power station. You can choose to use the in-built 2 USB-2.1A ports, 2 USB-3.0 quick charge ports, or the five 16A/96W DC ports. Perfect emergency power backup at home or while camping, charging, or running various gadgets for longer hours.

Rechargeable:This Rockpals 300W generator is unique for it comes with three different ways to recharge. You have the freedom to choose using the sun and purchase a compatible solar panel. It can also get charged by your car charger, or have it plugged into your wall outlet. You are sure of having it fully charged after six to seven hours.

Eco-friendly: The Rockpals portable power generator is among the best known green energy technologies. It uses the pure sine wave outlet, which supplies power more like the utility-supplied electricity. It quietly runs without the need for fuel or exhaust fumes. The only little sound you get to hear is of the cooling fan when the generator is working. Therefore, you can use it anywhere without disturbing anyone or anything around you.


  • Its design and making enhances the portability aspect of the generator. You can comfortably hold the smooth handle and carry it to your place of convenience.
  • It is lightweight and medium-sized for easier packing and transportation as you plan for your camping experience.
  • It is easy to use for the highly interactive panel, and the connection inlets and outlets are located on one side of the generator.
  • It is powerful enough to charge your essential electronic gadgets when you are away from your house.
  • The longevity of the materials used in making the generator makes it offer your high value for your money.
  • The display panel is great for you to monitor the operation of your generator.
  • It comes with multiple charging options, including the solar charging input that is separately sold.
  • It comes with a built-in flashlight, making it a perfect light source during an emergency or camping.
  • It runs with insignificant noise resulting from the cooling fan, and with no exhaust fumes.


  • It, at times, comes with faulty outlets, especially the 12V DC outlet. You have to check it properly before purchasing the generator.
  • Some customers have complained that their portable power pack stopped supplying power after getting to 80%.
  • The casing is not waterproof, and so, you have to be extremely careful to prevent the battery from getting destroyed by water splashes.

ROCKPALS 500W Battery Powered Generator

ROCKPALS 500W Portable Power Station, 540Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator Backup Power Supply with 110V AC Outlet, 2 DC Port, Car Port, Type C, QC 3.0, Emergency Light for Camping Home CPAP
  • UPGRADE ROCKPALS PORTABLE POWER STATION: Comparing to most similar power stations, Rockpals RP500W has upgraded the AC output to 500W continuous...
  • HIGHEST CAPACITY LITHIUM POWER PACK: 540WH(10.8V/50Ah) lithium batteries and weights 12.13lb. Powerful enough to charge smartphones (2000mah) about 58...
  • EASILY THREE WAY RECHARGEABLE: This solar generator can be recharged by ROCKPALS 100W solar panel (Sold separately) about 6-7 hours in full sun; This...
  • EFFIENCIENT DISPLAY AND ULTRA BRIGHT EMERGENCY LIGHT: The one power station in its class featuring with an LCD display that shows battery operating...
  • SAFETY AND WARRANTY: Pure sine wave inverter ensures safety powering senstitive devices like laptop without damage and reduces audible and electrical...

If you have ever gone camping and got disappointed by various power options you had carried with you, this is what to pack in your next journey. ROCKPALS 500W battery-powered generator features a 540Wh lithium-ion battery that is easy to charge and carry along.

It has multiple power outlets to supply enough power options that suit your electrical devices. You do not have to worry about your sensitive appliances as the power station uses the pure sine wave inverter technology.

Main Features

Highest power pack: This battery-powered generator by ROCKPALS uses a 540WH lithium battery to run every connected device efficiently. Also, it is designed for easy portability with lightweight, and a plastic handled casing. You can depend on its power to charge your mini-refrigerator, projector, laptop, and other low energy rated appliances. You can rely on it as a backup option at your home. You can also use its bright emergency light, which is powerful for emergency or outdoor illumination.

3Way Rechargeable: This Rockpals 500W generator comes with three different ways to recharge. You have the freedom to choose using the sun and purchase a compatible solar panel. It can also get charged by your car charger, or have it plugged into your wall outlet. You are sure of having it fully charged after six to seven hours in full sun and enough car and grid electric power.

Safety features: The embrace of pure sine wave inverter guarantees safety powering of all your sensitive electronic devices. This advanced technology also ensures that the generator quietly runs without the electrical noise. A BMS (battery management system) enables voltage control, short circuit protection, temperature control, and other safeguards.

Efficient display: This battery-powered portable generator features an LCD that indicates all the running and operating status. Some of the key features to observe here include the AC load/output, battery percent/capacity, battery failure notification, and over temperature.


  • It comes with an LCD with enough backlight for efficient monitoring of the generator performance.
  • It does not produce any noise or exhaust fumes, making it a perfect source of powerful green energy.
  • This battery-powered portable generator offers much power to supply charge for your CPAS use for at least five nights of a single charge.
  • The power pack comes with additional security features, which enhances its longevity and prevents your gadgets and appliances from being destroyed.
  • It is powerful enough to sustain your charge needs when you are away from your wall outlets at home.
  • You can charge it using a separately sold solar, a car charger, or plugging it to your utility wall socket.
  • It has multiple outlets that enable you to connect different appliances at the same time.
  • It is relatively lightweight compared to other power packs of the same capacity, and thus good companion when working out.
  • It is highly portable by holding the 12.13 lbs weighing compact power pack’s soft rubber handle fitted at the top.
  • The power pack comes with a powerful LED light bar on one side, making it a perfect back up in case of an emergency at home or when camping.
  • It features a powerful 540Wh long-life lithium-ion battery, which offers you excellent value for your money.


  • It sounds mysterious to some users that this Rockpals power unit does not automatically power off and slowly drains the battery after inactivity.
  • It does not come with a carrier bag, and so you have to purchase a pouch to pack even the necessary cables.
  • The casing of the battery is not waterproof, which then risks it to water splashes during rains or other encounters.
  • It lacks a single power off button for all the power outlets, and so one has to keep turning on and off every outlet when the need to use them arises.
  • It is impossible to replace the battery once the 500 times lifetime charging cycle is exhausted

MAXOAK Battery Powered Power Station

MAXOAK Power Station 2400Wh/1000W Inverter BLUETTI EB240 Portable Solar Generator Emergency Battery Backup Pure Sinewave 2AC Outlet Power Storage Multi-use Power Storage for Outdoor RV Van Home
  • 【Huge Capacity 2400Wh Power Station】Super Long Lasting 2400Wh Power Station with High Load Continous 1000W Inverter (1000W≤load<1200W@120S;...
  • 【Multiple Ports for Any Needs】EB240 features with 2*AC 110V Outlets for Most Household Devices under 1000W Like TV, Refrigerator,Drone. 12V9A Car...
  • 【Solar/AC/Generator Recharge】With a max input power of 500W, it can be fully recharged by 2pcs Sp200 200w solar panels within 9-9.5 hours. (OCV...
  • 【2500+ Long Life Cycle】With built in Auto-level battery cell, it has higher discharge rate, lower heat and safer than the ordiry battery cores,...
  • 【What you Can Get】1*Portable Power Storage (EB240), 1*200W AC Wall Charger, 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC*4), 1*User Manual

The MAXOAK 2400Wh battery-powered power station features lots of beneficial characteristics. It has high power capacity enough to power an entire outdoor home during an adventure.

With power output rated at 1000 watts, EB240 can easily power almost every device when camping. If you are looking for the best portable battery-powered generator, this is among the solid picks to consider, especially if you like camping.

Main Features

Multiple outputs: This EB240 power station is fitted with a one-side control panel with multi-outputs for the different needs. You can choose to use the two 110V AC outlets, any of the 4 USB-C ports, the PD45W, or the Car Cigar. Keep your different devices when away from your wall outlet or in case of power failure.

Longevity: This EB240 1000W portable power station is designed to offer you quality services for a long time. The built-in quality lithium polymer battery is connected to a high load continuous 1000 watts inverter for high power supply. The battery cell used has a long life cycle. You can rest assured that you have a guarantee for years of clean power.

Compact control panel: EB240 has an easy to operate panel, with every part and port well labeled. It also comes with a battery management system to ensure that your generator and devices are protected from current surges, over-voltage, temperature controls, short circuits, and other safeguards. The LCD screen helps in monitoring of the operation of your power station. It is the best power companion to have for your outdoor or indoor use.


  • This extremely compact power pack comes with a built-in MPPT, which makes its solar charging efficiency to remain extremely high.
  • Its 2500+ Life Cycle auto-level lithium-ion battery guarantees longevity, high discharge rate, and excellent heat dissipation.
  • The battery pack is a perfect power companion for outdoor or indoor activities as it has 2400 watt-hour power storage capacity.
  • This battery-powered generator by EB240 comes with additional operation features such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, and short circuit protection.
  • It features a smart cooling fan that automatically starts when your load inverted surpasses 400W, when the charging input is more than 100W, or more than 80W load at the 12 volts car cigar socket.
  • It is highly portable due to its relatively small size and weight.
  • The generator is a highly reliable and flawless source of power, and the LCD at the panel allows you to monitor its operation.


  • You cannot exceed its 1000W instant or rated start-up power for the generator immediately turns off due to overloading.


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Final Thoughts

It is profoundly comforting knowing that you can always have hours of reliable, quiet, and source power, which is instantly available during camping trips, extended blackouts or emergencies.

A battery-powered compact power kit is a perfect companion while doing your indoor or outdoor activities. Most of them are made to offer extended hours of clean energy. They do not require any fuel to run, and thus a reliable source of energy as long as it was charged in advance.

Getting to know the best generator for you may turn a hassle. However, from the list of best battery powered generators described above, ROCKPALS 500W is the best option. It is a lightweight but sturdy 540Wh lithium-ion battery compact power pack.

You can always count on it to charge your phones, laptops, light bulbs, and such. It also has multiple power outlets and additional security features to guarantee safe and secure maximum power connectivity.

Bestseller No. 1
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: The Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station has been featured as the "Best...
  • EASY TO CARRY: This entry-level portable power station is equipped with a 240Wh lithium-ion battery...
  • VERSATILE POWER SOURCE: 1* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports (5V,...
  • GREEN POWER SUPPLY: The power station can be recharged by the Jackery SolarSaga 60 solar panel. Its...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station, 1*AC adapter, 1* car charger cable, 1*...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen160s Portable Power Station and Outdoor Generator 150 Peak 100 Rated Watts, Solar Solar, 155Wh Lithium-ion Battery (Solar Panel Not Included)
  • VERSATILE OUTLETS CHARGE UP TO 9 DEVICES AT THE SAME TIME: Pushing 100 Rated Watts and 150 Peak...
  • HOURS & HOURS OF POWER ON A SINGLE CHARGE: 155 Watt-Hours of Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity - Provides...
  • SMALLEST, LIGHTEST PORTABLE POWER STATION IN ITS CLASS: At 3.75 lb. the iGen160s Is Lighter Than a...
  • CHARGES AT HOME, ON THE GO, OR IN THE FIELD: Charges to 80% in Less Than 6 Hours Using a Household...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY POWER GENERATOR: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint for More Sustainable Lifestyle - No...
Bestseller No. 3
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station, 400Wh Battery Powered Generator Alternative with 12V, AC and USB Outputs
  • 396Wh lead acid battery portable power station can power up to 7 devices at once (33Ah @ 12V)
  • Continuous 300W, 600W surge pure-sine wave inverter, 2.1A USB ports, 120W 12V ports
  • Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and most small devices. Backup power for small appliances,...
  • Recharges from AC, 12V or solar panels (sold separately). Gas-free generator alternative with no...
  • Chainable with other 33Ah lead acid batteries for longer runtimes
Bestseller No. 4
Weather Radio - Emergency Radio NOAA - Hand Crank Radio Flashlights for Emergencies AM/FM Solar Hand - Battery Operated Radio with Cell Phone Charger - Crank Radio [4000mAh] - Emergency Radio
  • Your Ultimate Lifeline Device: No one wants to experience emergencies, natural disasters or any kind...
  • Flashlights for Emergencies: Besides being an emergency radio with an upgraded 4000mAh battery...
  • Perfect Emergency Device For Your Home & For Your Car: When searching for the best car emergency...
  • Smart & Convenient Battery Operated Radio: Most people may already have emergency supplies for their...
  • Practical Emergency Tool Designed With Your Needs In Mind: At Vondior, we design products out of our...
Bestseller No. 5
EGO Power+ PST3040 3000W Nexus Portable Power Station for Indoor and Outdoor Use Battery Not Included
  • 3000W Peak 2000Watt Continuous
  • 3 120V A/C Outlets
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Bright LED Display Shows Run Time
  • Robust Steel Handles
SaleBestseller No. 6
EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA, UPS Power Supply 1260Wh Battery Pack with 6 1800W (3300W Surge) AC Outlets, Solar Battery Generator for Outdoor Camping RV
  • 【Multiple Charging Outputs Provide More Options】DELTA features 6* AC outlet (100V-120V 1800W...
  • 【Triple Rechargeable Modes Efficient Solar Generator】EcoFlow power station is equipped with a...
  • 【Recharge From 0% TO 80% Within 1 Hour】EFDELTA can be recharged from 0% to 80% in 1 hour and to...
  • 【High Performance and Handy Power Source】DELTA is a portable power station with 1260Wh,which to...
  • 【Product Guarantee & What You Can Get】 EcoFlow provides our dear customers with Guarantee of 24...
Bestseller No. 7
Pacific Ocean Waves
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Mark Knight (Director) - Jim Wilmer (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)
Bestseller No. 9
Thorfire LED Camping Lantern Lights Hand Crank USB Rechargeable Lanterns Collapsible Mini Flashlight Emergency Torch Night Light Tent Lamp for Camping Hiking Tent Garden Patio - CL01(Orange)
  • Portable Versatile Lights:Thorfire led lights can be used as flashlights or lanterns. Extended as...
  • Hand Crank and USB Rechargeble Lantern:The camping lanterns have built in rechargeable batteries....
  • Smart Protection Chip:ThorFire lantern flashlight has fail-safes protects your lantern from...
  • Two Lighting Modes:ThorFire led lanterns have two lighting modes: High and Low. Brightness is...
  • What You Get:1x ThorFire CL01 Camping Lantern, 1x DC/Micro USB Charging Cable, 1x User Manual;...
Bestseller No. 10
Solar Power for Beginners: 2 Books in 1 The Perfect Guide for Beginners to Easily and Efficiently Plan & Install Off-Grid Solar Power System Indoors or Outdoors to Achieve Home Energy Independence
  • Thompson, Clark (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 175 Pages - 05/29/2021 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

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