Dog Training 101:How to Properly Train Your Dog

You finally decided it's time to make a wonderful addition to your life and get a dog. Now you need to know how to properly train that dog. Well, there are some key points you must remember as you start this journey.

Being consistent and making the training fun and engaging are two things to keep in mind as you get started. We will cover each at a different point in this article. We will also provide optional and general techniques you can use to better train your dog.

It is always easy and ideal to set the standard behavior you expect from your pup immediately from the start, so let’s go ahead and get started with the task of properly training your dog.

Key Points To Understand Before You Start Training Your Dog

Dog Training 101:How to Properly Train Your Dog

Be Consistent: You must remain consistent throughout your dog’s training. This is important because it provides structure for the dog. Dogs thrive in well-structured environments and are happiest when the home they live in is stable.

Make A Schedule

First, you need to make up and keep a precise feeding schedule for your dog. Think of two times a day, morning and evening preferably but try to go with whatever fit your schedule.

Start feeding your dog at the same time every day. Soon your dog will become accustom to their new schedule and will know he/she can expect their next meal when it’s due.

This structure provides the dog some comfort and puts them at ease knowing they don’t have to struggle or beg for food, because it will always be provided for them when they expect it. They will be happier and more content which makes their trust in you grow.

Make It Fun

 For the sake of you and your dog, training should be structured like a game whenever possible. 

Your dog always thinks everything is a game anyways so doing this may help you relate to and engage with your dog on their level. 

 Always remember that repetition is the key to successfully training your dog, 

When they do a certain behavior, go ahead and mark the occasion by giving them some treats. 

Now that we have talked about some basic things you should do to get started. Let’s take a deeper dive and see how you can train your dog to do specific things. It is going to be a long journey, but always remember to be patient, be consistent, and make it fun.

Articles on How to Train you Dog to do Specific Things at Home by Yourself 

  • How to Train Your Dog to Sit


  • How to train your dog not to bark

  • How to train your dog off their leash

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Training your dog is a process that takes time because it is not a one-day experience. This can be a lot of fun and you do not need much experience to do so. 

Anyone can train a dog a simple dog trick, so you do not need to get help from a professional when doing basic training.

It would be best if you make the training a routine, because the dog might not learn what you are trying to teach him/her the first time.

You will need to keep repeating until they get it. There are a few items that you require to train your dog to sit. They include:


Giving a dog a gift when they obey your command is one of the most effective tactics to use when teaching a dog anything. So, when you are teaching your dog, make sure that you reward them every time they do something you like.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit

This will encourage the dog to continue obeying you, and it will become part of their routine. Keep some of the dog’s favorite treats in your pocket so that you always have one when you need it.

Training Environment

If you are training your dog to sit, you want it to learn fast. It would be best if you did it in a familiar place. This is because the dog will master things more quickly in an environment that it is used to.

When you are using a new home, you should take time to make sure that you familiarize the dog with the situation first. This can take a lot of your time, and therefore, it would be best if you started the training with a place that the dog is more familiar with.


Apart from giving the dog a treat, you can also reward good behavior. This is easy to apply if you have rewarded the dog before. The dog will know that they will always get something right when they are obedient. Rewards can be toys, petting them, or even praising them 

Step by Step Guide on How to teach your dog to sit

Be properly prepared: Make sure you do enough to prepare for the training session. Get a quiet training space, be it a living room, the back yard, or any place where the dog will not have any distractions. 

Make sure that the dog is relaxed and feed it. Have your treats or rewards ready and make sure that you do not have to go far when you need to give them to the dog. It would be best if you also were relaxed so that you are not in a hurry. This is because training your dog to sit, needs patience and calmness.

Demonstrate and Use Gestures: Sometimes when you are teaching a dog to do the trick, you might need to show the dog how to do it. You can also apply this technique when you want to train your dog to sit. 

If you have someone to help you, they can do the trick as the dog watches, and the dog will do as they do. If you are alone, you can also demonstrate and have the dog copy you.

Tell the dog to sit and demonstrate how to do it. You can also use a gesture if you feel like it will be more effective. Make sure that you use the same gesture every time and make sure that the dog is getting it right.

Always follow up with saying ‘yes’ or ‘good’ every time the dog gets it right. Be consistent when you give a reward or a treat. The dog will know that every time they hear the word yes, or right, they will get their gift.

Guide the Dog: Guide your dog to stay in the position you are teaching them. You can do this by slightly pushing or pulling them to the sitting position.

When you first command them to sit, you should remember that they still do not know what that word means. As soon as the dog's bottom touches the flow, praise them, and reward them so that they know that they are doing something right.

Say ‘Sit’: If the dog is not getting it. Try saying sit and do it yourself because some dogs learn by repeating things that they see.

Be Persistent: Once the dog starts to get it, try teaching them without a reward or pushing them to the position. Remember that you need to be gentle and persistent. Repeat this process several times until the dog gets it. Do not forget to say yes or good every time they sit at your command.

Repeat in New Places: When you get your dog to obey your command, you need to try it in different places. Take the dog to a separate room or for a walk and try giving them the same command. Remember to have your treats with you.

Dos’s and Don’ts When You are Considering How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Dogs are sensitive, and when you are training them, there are some things that you should do.

  • Please do not shout at the dog because it will make them nervous.
  • Be calm and gentle.
  • Always be clear and consistent when you are giving a command.
  • Use the same phrases when creating a command so that the dog is not confused.
  • Practice with the dog as much as you can.
  • Use a familiar environment because it will save you time.
  • Please do not get tired of repeating until they get it.

Be creative every time you are teaching your dog a new trick. Dogs are pretty intelligent, and you can teach them to do any trick if you are consistent and patient.

Make sure that you give your dog the attention it needs so that they are always excited about learning any new thing.

Training a dog can be done at any time, and you can train a puppy or even a grown-up dog to sit comfortably.

Ensure that you teach your dog one trick at a time so that they are not confused. Dogs respond well to patience and when they are rewarded for good behavior.

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