Men's Fashion Tips to Help you become A Men of Style

Men's Fashion Tips to be A Men of Style

Transitioning into adulthood is not easy, and it takes a lot of patience, dignity and endurance to become the gentleman you strive to be in the future. When you are growing into responsible manhood, there are things you need to head off while there are those you need to adapt depending on which one is ideal for your situation.

If you are growing mentally and physically, so should be your style.

Men underrate the impact which grooming properly without the understanding of the effect it plays towards creating a personality and influencing other people's decisions and perspectives towards them.

As you delve into the world of manhood, there is a lot of knowledge you require on how a man should dress and the things that influence certain men’s fashion.

Reasons Why You Should Dress in Style

Men's Fashion Tips to Help you become A Men of Style

As a young man, you need to understand that you are the future fathers, husbands and leaders and you should behave as such. Dressing in style may mean to dress sharp or to put on proper casual clothing.

There is a misconception among young men that wearing fashionable clothing does not have an impact on someone's life.

However, being sharp or well-dressed has everything to do with life or at least most of it. Here are some of the reasons why you need to be fashionable.

It Draws Positive Attention

The world is a twisted place and people judge according to how they see others or make assumptions based on how they look at them. Some of the people you will meet are potential employers, investors, potential partners.

Even though you justify your choice of dressing if you dress awfully, you cannot change the perception they create about you.

To be safe at all time, and avoid people from overlooking and undervaluing you, you need to dress sharp. 

A man who dress appropriately, and is clean, whether old or young adds value to his presence and chances of being spotted, valued and respected are high.

It's a Show of Maturity

No matter the facet of life you chose to engage in whether it is in trade, business or employment, you need to show the face of a gentleman from your appearance.

Maturity is a sign of responsibility and serious commitment to a particular course.

Therefore, if you are sharply dressed, a potential employer will not have difficulty offering you employment as he/she will have some confidence instilled by your look. Potential mates are also attracted by men who have a sense of style and responsibility.

Projects Power and Authority

The sharper you look, the more powerful you look, and people cannot associate you with a bad background. When you are sharp, it depicts financial stability or a strong financial background and people who do not you cannot perceive you to be bad. I know if very superficial, but that's just the way the world works.

Good looks show that you are rich in personality and are good at presenting yourself to people. And as the norm of the world goes ‘ wealth is power’. This perception will ooze a lot of respect for you from the majority of the people you meet.

Whenever you need to compete for a particular position in the political, social or business arena, you will always seem the worthy candidate even before you open your mouth to speak.

Commands Respect

When you dress in a fashionable style, you radiate the image of self-respect and self-worth. People will look at you positively and will find it worth spending their time around you. It is evident that nice looking people are more recognized by the public.

Dressing properly shows maturity, power and confidence which is a rare combination in the public spheres. One you are the one single special person among numerous people, you are held in high esteem. Furthermore, you are seen differently from other.

Boosts Self-Confidence

A man who knows he is well dressed has high self-esteem and there are not many challenges that can prevent him from getting what he wants. Most of all is the manner a well-dressed person conducts oneself in public including the way he, speaks, walks and treats other people.

The personal self-confidence is a motivation for a young man to seek what he wants without fear because he knows he deserves it and for particular reasons. A sharply dressed man will not snag a job or fear approaching a lady to ask for a date. (respectfully of course) 

A Beginners Guide: Things that Affect Fashion Choices

There is a reason why someone has to select a certain type of clothing fashion or shoe type. However, as a beginner, you need a guide to direct you on the factors that affect certain color selections or sizes of clothing.

The selection of the ideal outfit is not only determined by the style one is interested in but also the occasion, and body appearance. Here are some of the factors that I have compiled for you.

Forget All you Know About Style (Proceed with Uncorrupted Mindset)

Probably there is a lot you have heard about men’s grooming and others information you have made up on you own. Whether you heard from people or read from papers does not mean it is true or accurate. What you might be familiar with may not be consistent with what you need to know to be a well dress men, thus irrelevant.

If you want to attained the status of a gentleman, it is important to humble yourself and start learning from scratch with the right perception. The reason is that, now that you have taken upon yourself to be elegant in dressing, you have a better concentration of learning and what you grasp now will live with you for a long time.

Get rid of any excess clothing you have had before and have not worn for the last four months, because it is probably unimportant and start again to select your clothing.

Body Measurements (Have them at your Fingertips)

First things first, it is recommended that every time you decide to buy some clothes say a suit, you need to be present to fit it in to ascertain that it is your size. The reason behind this measure is because brands and countries have varying clothing measurement and when buying without testing if it fits, it might end up tight, buggy or excessively tight.

All your clothing needs to be fitting, and there is no compromise about it. Fitting clothes make a gentleman look sharp, an appearance that is very appealing to many people. However, there are instances where you cannot buy the clothes physically yourself or when fitting them on because of different circumstances. If this is the case, you need to have your measurements taken regularly and have them at hand for such a moment.

Facial Shape (Circle, Oval, Rectangle)

It might sound funny, but this is the reality. The different shapes of our faces determine the choice of clothing and accessories. Mostly, the choice of sunglasses is influenced by the shape of the face.

When the face is oval for instance, wearing rectangle glasses will seem like they are oversize, somewhat like side mirrors on a car. Likewise, a person with a rectangle shaped face will look satirical on oval sunglasses.

Shoe Size (Small or Large)

The choice of the shape of the shoe is completely optional, but the size is not something you can control, of course, unless you are interested in wearing a shoe that doesn’t fit you.

There are instances where the shoe expands with time and becomes longer than your leg, a scenario that rarely happens. There is a men’s grooming rule that prohibits men against wearing pointed shoes.

Therefore, the choice of the shoe also determines the kind of attire you wear. For instance, it is unacceptable to wear formal shoes when you are in casual clad. It will be the mismatch of the century especially from where I come. Avoid a shoe that is larger or one that is uneasy on your feet.

The texture of the Hair (Color and Natural Flow)

There are people with different color textures and hairstyles. Some have brown and other black colors while others decide to dye their hair some other synthetic colors.

Other people have kinky hair, and others have curly hair. whatever the nature of your hair, there is a choice of clothing that will match it. 

Skin Tone (Black, White or Brown)

We must appreciate the diversity of our society, and our good world has people of different colors. However, not all attire is ideal for all persons.

For instance, when a Caucasian man wears a white shirt, he might seem colorless while when a black man wears a black shirt, he might seem dull. Therefore, the choice of your clothing is influenced by how you look, and some color choices are most ideal for a certain group of people. The basic essence of this is to try the clad that brings the best out of you and one that does not juxtapose with the skin color.

Quality of Fabric and Price (Cheap is Expensive)

You need to invest in the highest quality clothing because you will savor its value for long other than buying something of mere value that will only last a short while. 

People are not endowed the same way, and everybody has their purchasing power. The choice of clothing for every person is determined by how much they can afford or how much one is willing to part with. Buying cloth is your choice to make, but being cheap will always have you buying more.

Versatility (Choose Variety)

Do not be that person who is always seen wearing one type of cloth on every occasion. As much as you are advised to buy small clothes of great value, you need to have several options to change at times.

You can choose to have a higher number of formal clothes for work, and fewer casual wear for the weekend and putting on at home.

The Formal and Casual Outlook Fashion Styles

The Formal Outlook

Suits: For every form of suit, the fit is king. The jacket should hug the shoulders and should be slim down the body and covers the body. The trousers should be thin but not skinny in a way that it makes it uncomfortable to sit. The suit needs to be stylish. 

Blazers/Sports Coats/Waistcoat: The same should fit perfectly and give minimal lining. Try pairing them with your trousers so that they look well arranged. Add a flourish with a pocket square.

Tuxedo: Take the seriousness of the tuxedo as it is and make it look really good on you. Now that the prices of tuxedos have reduced significantly, it offers you an opportunity of owning one instead of renting. For a more classic look try combining it with a black pair of trousers and a white shirt.

Formal Shoes: You should own a pair of black cap-toe shoes, brown oxfords, penny loafers and some suede shoes for an official look.

A Casual Outlook

T-Shirts: The body length should be slim, and the length should end some inches below the waist.

Jeans: The jeans should always be fitting, slim but not tight and do not hesitate to take them to the tailor to have them rectified. The choice of the color should be less shouting but not dark, and they should bear no logos or wordings at the back pockets.

Chinos & Khakis: This can be worn both casually or formally, and they need to be fitting just like any other men’s wear. Look for neutral colors and match them with a suit jacket or a waistcoat.

Casual shirts: Casual shirts should not be tacked in the trousers; they should be free allowing breathing. The choice of color is entirely your reserve. They could be checked, plain, white or any color you want. However, dull colors do not go well.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner in the world of responsible grooming, you should be prepared to rock and develop a routine that you will follow with utmost discipline. You should also learn to be patient because there are many things you will do wrong and your wardrobe might not be full as fast as you think. However, go with a positive mind and enjoy manhood and what it has in store for you.

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