Daily Habits of Stylish Men 

Daily Habits of Stylish Men

Some say that style is innate, you are either born with it, or you are not. For those who believe this, you are wrong. No one is born innately knowing style, people are not even born wearing clothes, how can we know style? 

A style is curated over a period of time. It's a process, for the runners in the crow, it's a marathon, not a race.

Developing a style takes time, patience, and self-awareness. A person has to be aware of what his tastes are before he can determine what his style should be. 

Therefore, men who are seeking to develop impeccable style must learn some hard truths.

First, you have to work at being stylish. No, style isn't going to just drop into your lap because you scored that big-paying job.

Second, you have to develop healthy habits, in order to curate a style that looks effortless. Men with impeccable style who seem to nail every outfit do so because of one simple rule, they make it a habit.

In fact, stylish men make fashion choices based on principles that are second nature to them. For them, it's nothing to dress nicely, because it's as natural as drinking water or breathing.

If you're looking to join the ranks of this impressively dressed, stylish men, then it's important to pick up these daily habits of stylish men.

Use Your Time Wisely

You are moving up in the world, which means you are probably getting busier by the minute. Time is precious for everyone on this planet, which is why it's important for men who want to dress stylish, to use their time wisely.

Be sure to master time management so that you can focus on several aspects of yourself, without knowingly neglecting anything. 

Stylish men regularly make every second count during their day. They make sure they are reading the right material to help them reach their goals.

They make sure they are devoting a portion of their time to their health and well-being by being active. Stylish men make time for those around them, always stopping to offer advice when needed, or offer a helping hand. 

Most importantly, stylish men are always looking toward the future and anticipating ways to improve their situation.

Keep Your Clothes Updated

This should probably be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised to see just how many people fail to live up this rule. Stylish men regularly evaluate their wardrobes and look for ways to improve it. 

If there's an item that currently doesn't match the look you are going for, replace it with something more flattering. 

Perhaps your shoes are functional, but you feel as if they don't make you stand out, replace them with something more in-line with your style. Stylish men don't let their wardrobe hold them back from making bold new changes, or experimenting with different colors. In fact, maintaining your wardrobe ensures that you'll always look good, and feel confident.

Give Compliments

What? What do compliments have to do with stylish men? A lot, as it turns out. Giving compliments is not only a way to spread good vibes and build positive karma, but it's also a great way to foster relationships.

Stylish men know how to give compliments to people surrounding them, including themselves. The compliments can range from an innocuous 'Your earrings are pretty,' to 'I like your determination.' Compliments come in all shapes and forms and aren't restricted to specific things.

You don't have to compliment everyone, but at least show those you appreciate, that you respect and admire their work. A little bit can go a long way in the compliment department.

Read Often, and Read Well

Probably the most significant daily habit of stylish men is reading. In fact, it is estimated that most successful people are heavy readers too. Reading is a fundamental way of life.

Especially for those looking to develop new skills, learn a new language, or open their mind the limitless possibilities of life, reading is essential to all those tasks.

Reportedly the average person reads one book per year, meanwhile, the average CEO of a company consumes over 50 books per year. That's a large discrepancy and one that is telling.

Reading enhances who you are as a person overall. When you're evaluating how to use your time more effectively, consider adding more reading time, with actual books, and see how transformative the action is.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Being stylish doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort, though some would tell you otherwise, looking uncomfortable in an outfit takes away the appeal. While suits, ties, and dress shirts are not the most comfortable clothing to wear, stylish men learn to deal with it by practicing.

That's right, stylish men practice dressing in professional attire so as to appear confident and prepared when they finally wear this attire out in public.

Though you may not believe it, practice is what builds comfort in this sort of attire. Don't believe us, consider how women wear high-heels for hours on end. That wasn't an ability they were born with, it is something they have worked at over the years.

Invest In Tailored Clothing

Everything about what you wear is about fit. You want the fit to be perfect. In fact, it would save you money down the road simply by making sure that your clothes fit you perfectly.

A perfect fit outlines the silhouette of your body and emphasizes your positive attributes. Stylish men don't scrimp on clothes that fit them well. After all, the true value of clothes lies in how often you can wear them.

Stylish men invest in clothes that fit them smartly, look comfortable, and are made from quality material. As a result, pieces that are well-tailored and comfortable often become your favorite pieces in the entire wardrobe.

Dress Sensibly

The best daily habit of stylish men is that they dress sensibly. By that, we mean stylish men dress using common sense. They never allow fast fashion trends to overrule their fashion choices. Their clothes reflect their inner values and goals, and often their clothing will reflect that.

Additionally, stylish men know how to make their wardrobe complementary to their lifestyle. Every piece in a stylish man's closet has a purpose, whether it's because of comfort, weather, special events, or simply because the wife likes it, a stylish man's wardrobe is always carefully thought out.

Develop Relationships with Your "Stylist Team"

It is imperative that you develop a close relationship with both your tailor and your barber or hair stylist.

These two are your anchors when it comes to looking good. Frankly, it's difficult to find either these days, but with determination and the right charisma, you'll find the perfect stylist to match your tastes in no time.

This saves you time, money, and stress. Your tailor and barber will have a relationship with you, they'll know the fashion pieces you like, the hairstyles you desire.

Essentially you never have to play Russian Roulette or hope for the best that your haircut doesn't leave you looking ridiculous. Don't worry if you haven't developed these relationships yet, they take time, just be mindful that they can be very helpful.

Routine Maintenance

When you're purchasing stylish clothing, the purchase price is a bit higher than casual wear. In fact, the pure maintenance on high-end fashion pieces alone will send your clothing budget skyrocketing.

. If you find yourself with a mixture of clothing with various laundry needs, it's imperative to come up with a game plan for maintaining your clothing.

Save both time and energy by using a batch-processing system, such as washing and pressing all shirts the same time every week. If your closet is full of dry-clean only, it might be better to have a routine day of the week where you're dropping off and picking up laundry. This daily habit of stylish men is probably one of the easier habits to pick up.

Stay Organized

Stylish men don't stay that way with pig-sty ways. Stylish men make sure that everything has its place, and nothing should be out of place. They keep their shoe shine box in their closet, their ties neatly hanging, their shirts pressed and hung right above their slacks. Having a dedicated place for everything saves you time as you won't have to go searching for it later.

It's Called Athletic Gear for A Reason

No matter what, there is no excuse to wear athletic gear outside of the gym. We get it, athletic gear is comfortable, but not after a trip to the gym. In fact, it's sweaty and smells downright horrible. There's no reason for stylish men to wear their athletic gear anywhere else but the gym.

Namely wearing athletic gear anywhere other than the gym just makes you look lazy, or that you don't care much about anything. Either way, it's not a good look for the always impeccable stylish man. Stylish men are stylish, daily.

Begin by Building a Core Wardrobe

If you're wondering just exactly how to get started with a proper wardrobe, begin by building a core wardrobe that can be interchangeable. Building your wardrobe is a process of development.

You start with simple pieces, a few dress shirts, some slacks, a couple different ties and you can learn how to interchange the shirts, slacks, and ties to create various looks. The best part about building your wardrobe this way is that you don't have to go bankrupt doing it.

Know When to Push Boundaries

Much like life, stylish men know when it's time to push the boundaries. For the most part, stylish men know the boundaries and rules of fashion first, before they embark on creative adventures.

Once you master the rules of fashion, then can you successfully push the boundaries to explore other ideas. A style is an individual effort, forever being challenged by cultural norms, society's rules, and people's expectations.

Finding a style that brings your personality to the forefront, yet remains within the 'rules' of limitations can be tricky, but not impossible. It's about knowing yourself, the rules of fashion, and understanding how one can influence the other.

Establish a Grooming Routine

Much like maintaining your clothes, stylish men establish a grooming routine. A grooming routine keeps you looking fresh, elegant, and clean. When you have this system in place as a routine, it decreases stress and saves you time and money.

This way you're never put-out when an unexpected important meeting comes up, and your hair's too long and unruly. By making sure that you regularly get the details taken care of, your body will always look impeccable and ready to go.

Seek Out a New Adventure

It's one thing to get bogged down with the mundane details of life week-to-week. Stylish men take the time to find new adventures, challenge themselves, and make sure life is the greatest journey anyone has ever embarked upon.

Life is too short to worry about all the fine details, instead find ways to make life new and insightful for you. Every week try something you haven't done before.

Volunteer at a daycare or elder-care home, visit a park you haven't been, plant something in the community garden, find ways to get yourself involved and keep yourself involved.

Strike up a conversation with someone new at the coffee shop, offer your services to the local food bank, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching out and seeking new perspectives.

There are many daily habits that stylish men partake in, this list is by no means comprehensive. But this list is a great start for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe or make major changes to their lifestyle.

It's important to remember that being a stylish man isn't just about the clothes you wear, but about the quality of the person underneath them. In order to be a stylish man, one must work hard on both the internal package as well as and external visage.

Now that we have talked about some of the habits of a stylish men, let’s talk about style mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

Style Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

In the process of transitioning from a boy to a man, it is difficult to keep up with all the fashion tips that you are provided with, and you may end up committing some fashion flaws.

Looking good is a favor you do to yourself, and many young men fail to recognize that. This attitude is toxic and has a lot of unforeseen consequences.

There are many mistakes that young men make with their fashion that needs to be corrected. Before we address those mistakes, here are a list of reasons why you need to dress fashionably.

It can get you a Job

A well-groomed young man has a higher probability of landing their future job because it creates a perception of a good organization. Your prospective employer is not only interested in your skills, but they are also concerned about the image you create for their organization. 

A sharply dressed young man has the potential to attract more customers and make them feel safe and welcome. Also, the first impression you make as you arrive for an interview is significant as the employer is also human and will judge you from how you look.

It will Help you Commands Respect

It is without any doubt that a well-dressed person whether male or female despite their age receives a lot more respect than someone that is not. Therefore, if you are concerned about other people’s perception of you, it is high time you start dressing correctly. 

Respect bares many results as it gives you a considerable advantage in society. In most instances, you will always be prioritized when something important happens because your look makes you seem mature.

It will Improve your Self-Esteem

The right attire can give you confidence. This boost of confidence is vital and works as a motivating factor to conquer most of the obstacles you might experience in life. There is not much you cannot accomplish when you feel confident mentally and physically.

It will Help you Attracts the Right Company

You should always be seeking positive influence and company, and as a young man, there Is no way to achieve this unless you associate yourself with the right-minded people. A clique of friends whom you can share your beautiful ideas with will bring positive vibe in your life.

Why You Should Always Dress to Impress

As you strive to look good to savor the benefits we have highlighted above, there are several rules you need to heed to the letter so you can look dapper as you grow older. It is advisable to research these topics, so you do not fall victim to them.

However, we have highlighted some of these rules below, so no research needed on your end. Here are some of the style mistakes every man should avoid at all cost.

Wearing Beaten or Worn Out Shoes

It does not matter how good the rest of your attire looks. Everything goes back to the basics when you have a dirty, worn out, or beaten shoe. 

The shoe is what defines a man at most times. When you have on a bad one, you look as ugly as the shoe you are wearing.

It is therefore important to invest in a good shoe that will improve your look and match up with the rest of your attire.

 A good shoe complements your good look and completes the perfect fashionable style.

Deep-V-Necks are A No No

Deep v-necks that exposes the deeper part of your Collar bones are disgusting.

 For the sake of fashion and humanity, avoid such clothes at all costs. The better you patch up that part of the body the better you look. What's more, some people have very badly groomed chests with overgrown hair, yet they care to expose it to the public. No one is interested in your chest unless you have some boyish intentions. You should behave like a man. Grow up!

The Brand Is Not you Friend 

Some attire worn by young men looks ridiculous and childish with logos covering the whole thing. Wearing a certain brand does not automatically make you a well-dressed individual.

It means that the brand is doing a good job with their marketing strategy, because they can get you to believe that. Wearing a name bran is not a problem at all, but just make sure it does not cover your whole attire. At that point, you might as well just become a walking advertisement for the brand. For a better look, it is ideal to seek the services of your local tailor or buy non branded clothing.

Try Not to Look Like a Rainbow

It is a fact that wearing several carefully matched up colors improve one’s look and makes you stand out of the rest of the crowd. However, do not stand out for the wrong reasons.

Some young men overdo their color combinations clashing a lot of colors together creating an unintended funny look. You are not trying to look like a rainbow but to look good. Every time you want to combine some color, it is important to look at the mirror and criticize your look without bias. Shed off some color please!

Excess Accessories

Most of the accessories such as a wristwatch are meant to complement your look and add some glamour to your style. However, some young men overdo it either intentionally or by accident. For those who do it by accident, it is important to place only one accessory in each part of your body, that is if you have to do it at all. For those who do it intentionally, you need to correct your style, it is boring.

Assuming you Know Everything Fashion

The biggest mistake you can make as a young man is to assume you know everything whether in fashion or other matters of life. You have a lot to learn, and you are just a young man.

It is always important to give a lending ear for advice from the people who know and have experience it. You will be surprised to realize that what you think you know is unfounded and bears very little truth to it.

Wearing long T-shirts

Some young men have some twisted love for long t-shirts, and they look awful in them. You need to understand that your shirt or t-shirt needs to reach several inches below the waist and anything longer than that is excess.

Wearing Sandals at All Times

Sandals are designed for the beach or the pool. However, some men have an ‘addiction’ to wearing sandals everywhere they go as if it were their shadow. Sandals deny you the chance to look sharp, and some shoes allow breath-ability, so you do not have to put on sandals all the time if that is your concern.

Wearing Jerseys Every Time

I must admit that this is something I see all the time. jerseys are for wearing when you are in the house or when you are going to a match. The rest of the venues are for other stylish attire. Some people have some weird love for jerseys, they might even wear it to your wedding if given the chance. What a shame!

Please Don’t Leave your Clothes Laying on the Floor

Does this sound familiar to you? Almost every man has some problem with the organization of not only clothes but life in general. It is like some chronic disease.

There are however some men who have a perfect sense of organization and arrange their closet wonderfully. You need to learn from such people if you have this problem now that you are working on becoming a gentleman.

The best way to avoid this mess is to create spaces for each type of attire. Leaving your clothes on the floor could attract stains or make your clothing more susceptible to tear.

Buying Clothes with Future Expectations

This fact may sound funny, but it happens. Some people buy clothing with prospects of either building muscle, shedding off some fat or at times gaining weight. This is not an aim to squash your resolutions, but you need to live in the moment.

After all, you cannot anticipate the exact size you will be once you have attained your desired size. In men's grooming, the fit is always key, and it is always important to try your clothes at the shop.

Not Trying on your Clothes

The fit is always king in men’s fashion, and you need to have a sense of fashion to look good. There are different forms of buying clothing especially online with the recent trends in technology.

However, as much as buying clothes online offers you convenience, it may be your first step towards a fashion flop. It is vital to try out clothing especially for suits to ensure they fit you perfectly. Even if you have the exact measurement for your clothing different brand sizes vary and some may not fit you like others.

Wearing a Tie with Short Sleeved Shirts

Wherever this trend of wearing a tie with short sleeve came from needs some divine sense of fashion intervention. A tie deserves to be worn with long sleeved shirts at all times because it is the ideal look.

Be Yourself

As a gentleman, you need to be yourself because it gives you a sense of self-worth. There is nothing as demeaning to self as not valuing yourself. You should define your style of fashion and make it your own. Dressing like other people does not mean you will look like them, and at times you will look worse with low self-esteem. BE yourself!

Poor Attitude Towards Self Grooming

The “I woke up, and I do not care attitude” is a childish attitude that you should shed off as you become a gentleman. Wearing some outfit like sweatpants, flip flops, and hoodies could damage your appearance and the perception people have of you. It might not seem consequential now, but you  will realize the damage as you get older.


First of all, this is so outdated even for those who cherished the style. for you to be a well-groomed gentleman, some behavior should never cross your mind. It is important to put on some fitting trousers and tack in your shirt if you are wearing official clothing. Some behavior is an abuse of decency! And this is on top of the list.

Final Thoughts

The above mistakes are not the kind you should forget. There are many other mistakes you might make as a young man that ought not to happen. You can also do some more digging to find out how you can become a better gentleman. If you follow these tips for better grooming as a young man, there is a lot you ought to gain.

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