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SportDog-SD-425S- SDR-AS Remote Trainers Review


The SportDog SD-425s and SDR-AS dog training kit provides you with the best equipment to teach your pup new behavior and also help you in dealing with and eliminating any bad habits your canine friend might have.

The SD-425S model by SportDog is the most innovative training collar that you will find on the market today. With a new and enhanced lightweight receiver, this collar weighs approximately 3.3 oz., and that includes the strap.

The SportDog SD-425S collar is designed for use with aggressive and stubborn dogs because it has a high level of static stimulation when compared to the SD-425 model. 

SD-425S is the ideal static collar for training your puppy in the yard since it has a maximum range of 500 yards. It can also be an excellent collar for close-range hunting dogs.

Besides, you do not have to worry about the training collar becoming wet because the Drytek technology keeps it waterproof when submerged underwater to a maximum of 25 feet. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to review the SportDog SD-425S collar and the SDR-AS receiver to help you understand this dog training as you make your purchase.

SportDog SD-425S Trainer

The SportDOG SD-425S refers to a short-range and rugged, remote training system designed for working environments. You can use the SD-425S model for hunting, field training, farming, tracking, obedience training, and competition training.

With its high to medium static levels of stimulation, the SD-425S trainer is recommended for stubborn dogs above 5kgs and high-drive working dogs.

The SportDOG SD-425S usually works with two major components: Your pet's receiver collar and the handheld remote transmitter.

Once you press the stimulation button on the transmitter, a radio signal will automatically be sent to the receiver collar of your dog, programming it to immediately deliver the chosen stimulation via the module or contact probes. With consistent training and patience, your dog will learn to associate the stimulation with a particular behavior or command.

Main Features

Compact design: The compact remote transmitter weighs approximately 1.6 oz and measures 1 ¾ inch tall, and that includes the antenna. It is small, and you can easily hang from the lanyard included, or even put it in your pocket, which makes it an excellent selection for the active trainers who would like to use both hands sometimes.

Adjustable and durable collar strap: The SportDog 425s comes with a 28-inch x ¾ inch black collar straps that allow you to make adjustments to give dogs with neck sizes of up to 23 inches a custom fit. 

The training system also is equipped with a metal keeper and square metal roller that allow you to adjust the collar with ease. Since the training collar comes with an inbuilt antenna, you don’t have to worry about your puppy getting stranded in dense terrain.

Flexible stimulation modes: This training collar by SportDog features various easy to change stimulation modes, which means you can easily customize your dog training experience. You can choose from Continuous and Momentary and quickly and regularly select between Vibration and Tone, depending on the needs of your puppy and your unique situation.

Range: The SportDog SD-425s offers an average range of around 500 yards, which makes it an ideal selection for close-range hunting or obedience training. The range of this training system might vary depending on things such as terrain, weather conditions, and obstruction by trees and other objects.

Different levels of stimulation: With 7 Continuous stimulation levels and 7 Momentary stimulation levels and that can be changed immediately, right from the thumb dial of the remote transmitter. Besides, you can easily change the stimulation levels based on your circumstances. 

For instance, you might decide to utilize lower stimulation levels when obedience training or enforcing response to commands that your canine friend is familiar with, or you can use higher levels of stimulation during times of distractions like when your pup is chasing other animals or vehicles.

Drytek Technology: This training system comes with an advanced technology that makes the collar and the receiver waterproof and submersible up to approximately 25 feet. Therefore, you can enjoy training in any terrain or harsh weather conditions.

Expandable system: The SportDog SD-425s is easily expandable, which means you can hunt or train with a maximum of three dogs simultaneously utilizing a single remote. All you need to do is to buy the SportDog SD-425s and SDR-AS receiver and follow a couple of simple steps to program the multi-dog training system in a few minutes. You can train up to three dogs without giving up the vibration or the tone function.

Lithium-ion batteriesThe training system comes with Lithium-ion batteries for both the collar and the transmitter, and the batteries can charge quickly for two hours. 

That means that your training collar will always be ready for use when you are. Furthermore, the charge lasts between forty and sixty hours between charges, assuring you that the remote trainer will not run out of power, especially when you need it the most. The remote training system also includes a dual lead charger, which means you can charge the two devices at once.


  • It comes with a compact and lightweight design.
  • It provides different levels of stimulation.
  • It can charge fast, and the charge lasts between 40 and 60 hours.
  • It has an adjustable and durable collar strip.
  • It is equipped with Drytek technology that keeps the device waterproof.


  • It is not suitable for extra small dogs.

E-Collar - ET-300 - 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Trainer Mini Educator Review

Training collars are increasingly becoming popular among many pet owners. They are used to train dogs and other pets on various behavior issues such as jumping at people and excessive barking.

What you need to understand is that every puppy can be effectively trained but with a lot of patience. 

One of the essential things that can help you achieve your dog training goals is finding the most suitable training collar for your pup.

When it comes to looking for the best training collar for your pet, it can be quite challenging.

There are numerous brands and models on the market that are full of amazing features and unique accessories.

Therefore, it is crucial to read through reviews and buying guides to know more about the product you intend to buy. 

Researching before making a purchase will assist you in improving your selection and also enable you to make an informed decision. In this guide, we are going to review the E-Collar ET-300 Training collar and PetsTEK Training Clicker kit.

E-Collar ET-300 Remote Training Collar

The Mini Educator training system is popularly known as one of the most successful and humane training gadgets on the market today. It is categorized as a 1/2 mile range remote pet trainer. 

If you’re looking for a humane dog collar, then this can be an excellent selection for you, because the ‘lock and set’ function allows the trainer to lock up the stimulation level.

That means that the stress-free and blunt stimulation in this training collar will not hurt your dog when compared to the sharp shock that’s produced by traditional shock collars.

E-Collar - ET-300
E-Collar - ET-300 - 1/2 Mile Remote Waterproof Trainer Mini Educator Remote Training Collar - 100 Training Levels Plus Vibration and Sound - Includes PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker
  • This is a bundle of 2 items: Ecollar technologies Mini Educator - ET-300 and PetsTEK Dog Training...
  • This training system has up to a half a mile range and fully waterproof with a remote that will...
  • Use with dogs that are 5 pounds and larger. Featuring 100 training levels plus tone and vibration...
  • With help of the clicker, you can teach your dog new behaviors with positive reinforcement. Training...
  • This is one of the best training collars with a remote where you will see great results in training...

The ET-300 Remote Training Bundle also comes with a PetsTEK dog whistle kit and dog training clicker. This combination is usually designed to provide the pet owner with a set of helpful tools to train their dog new behaviors.

Generally, it’s one of the most innovative training collars which are equipped with the newly enhanced and lightweight receivers. The collar weighs 2.4 oz., which is pretty light and includes a strap for easy fastening.

The pet owner can control the puppy up to half a mile away. That makes the pet training kit an excellent option for use on parks, back yards, competitions, extensive field training, and different types of hunting.

The training system is designed to work and also ensure positive reinforcement after every use. It doesn’t require lots of experience to use, particularly when it’s combined with the dog whistle kit.

It enables the pet owner to train their dogs to full potential. It’s widely known that a dog does not only have a good sense of smell but of hearing too. With your whistle kit, the puppy will be a bit easier to control when compared to the human voice.

Main Features

The Educator ET-300 is an electric pet training system that’s packed with a lot of impressive and unique features that you will rarely find with the competitors’ models.

Manufactured and also tested in the United States, this five stars rated training collar is a perfect selection for pet owners who would like to solve behavioral issues, teach obedience, or just give their puppies more freedom when walking without a leash.

Here are some of the amazing features that make this training collar one of the most versatile dog training bundles on the market.

Lightweight design: The Educator ET-300 collar weighs only 2.4 oz., which makes it the smallest model on the market today and a perfect training option for small dogs that weigh around 5 pounds. However, you should not be fooled by size because it can also be used for bigger breeds that have normal temperaments too.

Adjustable collar strap: The ET-300 collar comes with a fully adjustable strap that’s made from long-lasting Biothane. With only a width of ¾ inches, the collar can be adjusted to custom fit dogs that have neck sizes that range between 3 inches and 29 inches.

Control of stimulation (COS): The COS features usually offer pet owners the ability to choose a certain level of static stimulation that is best suits their dogs. This dog collar is effective and pretty safe for all dog breeds with normal temperaments and provides you with 100 different stimulation levels to help you fine-tune the stimulation level that is ideal for your pup. The COS technology is quite reliable, giving a tapping sensation instead of a vibration that most people claim it works pretty well.

Lock and set function: The “Lock and Set” function is one of the best safety features of this dog collar and is exclusive to all Educator brand collars. This feature allows you to set the stimulation level that best suits your dog, and also lock it in to prevent over-stimulating your dog accidentally.

Adjustable booster function: The booster function is useful when you feel that your pup needs an extra boost to get its attention. This feature is fully adjustable with many settings that range between 1 and 60 on the training system. It enables you to easily get the attention of your dog, even in extremely distracting environments or circumstances.

Wide pulse stimulation: One of the most excellent features of the ET-300 training collar is the wide pulse or blunt stimulation. This cutting-edge feature assists in making this training system one of the most sought-after collars on the market. 

Instead of the traditional sharp stimulation provided by other dog training collar brands, the blunt stimulation offers a cleaner, less stressful and medical-grade stimulation for your dog. With this kind of stimulation, you will not see your puppy wincing or jerking its head during obedience training sessions, as many people experience with competitors’ training collars.

Night tracking light: The other amazing safety feature and an incredibly essential feature that is provided by this training system is the effective night tracking light. You can conveniently control the light using the remote transmitter, which means you can turn it on and off at will. 

This feature is a great thing for dog owners who regularly train in dimly lit places or during the night. It will not only assist you in locating your dog in the dark areas, but it will also help other people and cars see your pet as well.

Waterproof with a floating transmitter: The ET-300 dog training system is fully submersible in water up to 500 feet. Therefore, water training, swimming, and training in extremely wet conditions can never be a problem.

 Besides, if you also get slippery fingers or hands from time to time, you will not have to worry about your transmitter getting lost in lakes, streams, and rivers because it’s designed to float on water.

Two-hour quick charge: In most cases, standard dog collars take many hours to charge, but the ET-300 model takes only two hours to get a full charge. It is equipped with several Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries that you can fully charge in only two hours. 

With the option of a vehicle charger, low-battery indicators on the two units, and a two-year warranty that includes all the batteries, you will never miss a training session because the training system has run out of power.

Pavlovian Tone: The Pavlovian Tone is a great feature for training, and it creates a 1 to 1/2 second tone, the set stimulation follows that. Therefore, the puppy will soon learn to respond to that tone only. You will also have the opportunity to select your preferred levels of stimulation to get the targeted results.

Simple and easy-to-use buttons: The ergonomic and simple design of the remote transmitter is something worth noting, and the features it provides are matchless. In addition to all the features mentioned above, the ET-300 comes with three simple buttons on its remote; momentary static mode, continuous static mode and vibration only mode.

The vibration mode feature allows the pet owner to give the dog a warning signal before initiating static stimulation. It can be an effective tool, especially when training dogs that are sensitive to stimulation or deaf pets.

The momentary mode is only beneficial when you want to get back your dog’s attention when it gets distracted by moving vehicles or squirrels running across your lawn. The continuous mode is useful when you want to give your puppy constant static stimulation that lasts for a maximum of 10 seconds.


  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It provides stress-free blunt stimulation.
  • It comes with an ergonomic, waterproof transmitter.
  • It includes a convenient night tracking light.
  • It includes a Pavlovian tone.
  • The COS technology provides a tapping sensation.
  • It is versatile since you can use it on tiny puppies and large breeds too.
  • It comes with the Lock and Set feature that prevents over-stimulation.
  • It has adjustable booster buttons.


  • The battery life is too short.
  • The ½ mile range is only suitable for pets with limited spaces.

The Educator ET-300 is an incredibly high-quality training bundle, and probably one of the most versatile training devices on the market. Packed with amazing features and competitively priced, it’s no wonder it is a top selection for dog trainers and pet owners alike.

If you are looking for a dog training kit, this latest technology colorful and smart dog training collar might be the most suitable solution for your canine companion. It offers you the boost and regular stimulation you need to train your puppy effectively without causing distress to your dog.

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Shock Collar, Dog Training Collar with Remote for 20-100 lbs Medium,Large Dogs, IPX7 Waterproof Electric Collar with Vibration, Beep, Shock Modes for 1000Ft, Adjustable 0-16 Levels E-Collar
  • 3 Dog Training Modes: beep, vibration, shock modes. 0-16 levels static for adjustment.
  • 2 Channels: irazia shock collar with remote supports a maximum of 2 dogs training only 1...
  • 1000ft Remote & Waterproof: Shock collar for dogs with range up to 1000ft. Your dog can run freely...
  • Security Key Lock: Prevents misoperating on the remote to make your dog feel upset, since it...
  • Fast Charging with 1 USB Cable for 2 Devices: Takes about 2 hours to charge fully. It can be charged...

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