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Often a dog owner will try various dog training programs that claims to help them train their dog, so that owning the dog is less stressful to.

 Experts believe that the misbehavior is mainly because the hidden intelligence of the dog is not developed.

Though there are many dog training programs, they usually don't provide the mental stimulation required to develop the intelligence of the dog. 

These programs fail because they do not deal with the main reason why the dog's behavior is problematic, and they usually only offer short term solutions.

These programs are using force, dominance, and research proves that these methods are not effective in the long term. 

In other cases, the programs are created by untrained persons who have no certification, this could be dangerous, since using the wrong methods could worsen the dog's behavior.

For this reason,  the online dog training programs we're going to talk about in this article will provide you the resources necessary to help your dog develop your desired behavior. Read on to learn more about these programs. 

Brain Training for Dogs-Unique Dog Training Course Review

Brain Training for Dogs-Unique Dog Training Course Review

Brain training for dogs is effective because it is based on the scientific principle of Neuroplasticity, which is researched extensively. 

Like the human brain, the brain of a dog is like soft plastic, which can be altered or molded to learn new ways of behaving and habits.

When provided the right training and stimulation, the brain of the pet dog will become more receptive to any new information provided. 

The dog will understand what his/her owner is telling him, so the bad behavior will gradually disappear, and he will be more obedient.

The dog will become more intelligent, and it will be easier to teach new skills to the dog. The health and temperament of the dog will also improve, and he will have a better relationship with his/her owner.

Course contents: The online course on Brain training for all types of dogs consists of the following modules:


This is the foundation module in which the dog is trained to become so obedient that he/she obeys every command of the owner.

The dog will be trained to pay attention to the owner, to look into the owner's eyes. Using a game, the dog will be taught that paying attention to the owner will be rewarding and pleasant for him.

Elementary School

The next step in training the dog is ensuring that he obeys the commands of the dog owner. Games will be taught to the dog so that he/she does not feel bored, since this leads to problems. The owner will also learn Other games that will keep the dog mentally stimulated.

High School

The dog will be taught impulse control, patience using games in this module. These games will teach the dog to settle down fast even if he/she is hyper. It provide mental stimulation so that he/she behaves better.


This module focuses on developing the ability of the dog to concentrate and improve his/her motor skills. He/she will learn to become mentally agile, develop patience, dexterity and calmness.


This module will develop the intelligence and patience by improving the dog's impulse control, which will help him/her become a better-behaved dog.

The game will strengthen the relationship between the dog and its owner and is useful for dogs who find it difficult to spend time alone. Another game will stop the dog from barking at people and other dogs. It will also help improve the dog's confidence and learning skills.


The dog will be trained in developing advanced level intelligence. The dog will learn to follow the movements of the owner, pick out toys based on their name, improving his/her cognitive skills.


When the dog has completed all the earlier modules, he can be considered a genius dog. The dog can be now taught to tidy up his toys after playing with them, learn to be patient enough to stack rings, and play the piano if requested. 🙂 

Additional Freebies

Along with detailed online course for training the dog with clear instructions and pictures, the dog owner will also get a number of freebies. These include a special module for owners with difficult dogs.

Video demonstrations of the games, and a large archive provide solutions for all kinds of dog related problems are also included. The dog owner can also get customized solutions from a professional trainer, using the support system and a private forum, where the dog owner can interact with other people that own dogs.

Training videos for tricks like taking a bow, dancing, shaking hands, howling, rolling over, and playing dead are also provided. Insider information on using food as a lure is also included.


  • Latest dog training techniques developed after extensive research, based on scientific principles.
  • Gentle techniques, which do not involve applying force.
  • Long lasting changes to improve the behavior of your dog.
  • Long lasting changes to help improve the behavior of your dog.
  • Course was developed after extensive research on thousands of dogs.
  • High quality Videos with detailed information on the games and other techniques talked about in the course.
  • Online members area so you can access all the information whenever you want to.


  • Pet owner should have/make time to train their dogs.
  • Requires some amount of patience while dealing with the dog.

Author Profile

The author of brain training for dogs is Adrienne Farricelli, who is a professional dog trainer with CPDT-KA certification. She has two Rottweilers and is passionate about dogs. For the last ten years, she has been helping thousands of people train their dogs, making them obedient and well behaved.

Her work has been featured in USA today an  other dog magazines. She has trained service dogs of military veterans and run a dog training company. Over the last ten years, she has perfected a dog training system which is effective for all kinds of dogs, however serious the behavioral problem may be.

Dog owners usually spend a lot of time with their dogs, hence they want a well behaved, affectionate and obedient dog. However, most puppies or dogs are disobedient, aggressive or anxious, which can be stressful for the dog owner and the dog.

Hence this Brain training online course is highly recommended, since it is developed after extensive research by an experienced dog trainer and uses gentle techniques for a long lasting effect on the dog.

Doggy Dans Online Dog Training Courses Review

Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer

The Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer program is the perfect course for anyone who wants to develop a deeper and closer relationship with his or her dog.

 Regardless of the breed and age of your dog, this is a program you can consider.

Let’s face it, training a dog to adopt a particular behavior is not an easy thing for dog owners, and that is why Doggy Dan does the heavy work so that you don’t have to. 

Here are the components in the program that help dog owners solve the dog issues their pets might have:

Pack Leader

This section helps you to become an authoritative figure as you train your dog. For you to train your dog well, you have to become its pack leader. 

Doggy Dan gives techniques and Golden Rules to help you be that pack leader.

Puppy Training

The tutorials in this section are so informative that you are able to not only understand your puppy better, but also know how to instill the best behavior. 

The informative videos will help you learn a lot about these adorable young ones including: general puppy health, behavioral issues, and command training.

Project Moses

The great aspect with this component of the training is that you are able to know how to train your dog according to his or her age. Doggy Dan uses his pet, Moses, to show members how to train their dogs at different ages.

Whether your dog is 8 weeks old or 8 months old, you will definitely know how to behavior train him/her. Some of the areas you cover in Project Moses Include: how to make your puppy acquainted to your family members, the perfect toys for your puppy, how to teach your puppy to handle anxiety, and much more.

Dog Problems

This section is of great importance to dog owners since it opens up to the dog problems that many households face. The good thing is that every dog problem has a detailed coverage with solutions to it provided.

Through the video tutorials as well as the techniques that Doggy Dan gives, no dog problem should remain an issue to dog owners.

The question of how the program works is very important. You can join the program by paying $1 for a 3 day trial, after which you pay US$ 37 per month. You also have the option of paying $147 for 6 months.

After becoming part of the training program, you have access to informative videos that help you learn the techniques and tactics of dog behavior training. 

The 250 videos created by Doggy Dan are able to help you facilitate a transformation for your dog that would not have been possible elsewhere.

What Is Good About This Program?

There are several great things that the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer program brings to its clients. They include:

A lot of information rich content:Truth be told, having access to 250 videos of expertly created videos on how to train your dog professionally and the solutions to a myriad of dog problems is a big plus to dog owners.

Endorsement by a trusted organization: The training program is endorsed by Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). This gives the training program a great amount of credibility that assures its clients.

The 3 day trial period and 60-day money back guarantee:This is a great offer for clients since they can choose not to continue with the program if it doesn’t benefit them. Again, you can have your money back if you don’t like the program, which is not possible in other programs. 

A Dedicated Forum:Dog owners have a platform whereby they can share different dog problems and get answers. Additionally, members have an opportunity to share their personal stories regarding their pets.

What Is Bad About This Program?

There are several cons about the program that should be brought forth. They include:

Stable Connection is a Major Requirement: It’s a must for you to have a steady internet connection to enjoy the program. If you happen to have problems connecting to the internet, this program is not the best for you and your pet.

Videos Cannot be Downloaded:While this is done to prevent people from taking advantage of the 3-day trial period and then fail to continue with the program, it would have been better if the videos could be downloadable for easier reference.

Limitation for those who Love Reading: Of course, there are people who would prefer reading to watching videos. Thus, the program is a disadvantage to such given that it is predominantly video based.

Based on the Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Review, it’s evident that training your dog to adopt a good behavior is a plus for you and your family. A dog that can understand what you want is a great addition to your household.

It is not easy to achieve such on your own, and that is why Doggy Dan and his program offer a valuable solution to the dog problems that dog owners are struggling to deal with. From the review, it’s crystal clear that the program works and there are many benefits associated with it.

 If you are thinking of joining a dog training program, consider joining Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer. You will, certainly, reap great rewards from it.

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